Stay At Home(Dis)order
Exhibition Design
A home is normally defined by a state of being – comfort, security, and normalcy.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the public mandate to remain at home, our relationship and idea of home has shifted. While most people struggled with isolation in the home, many were also put in perilous situations and without a place of shelter. This revealed our need for human intimacy, where people have figured out ways to come together under physical limitations.

Stay at Home (Dis)order highlights the broad issues of eviction to domestic abuse that were exacerbated due to the pandemic. Windows became an important source of connection, as well as a way to experience the outside world. The space evokes that same experience by creating a soundscape of archival footage and imagery of sounds from outside peoples windows. The doors also become an interactive element that allow you to open and peer into the stories of people lives affected by the pandemic.

In collaboration with Emily Yun