She Gaan A Merca
Designer Capsule Collection with Cold Picnic
Winning design of  Cold Picnic’s Student Designer Capsule Knit Blanket Collection highlighting Black talent.

“She Gaan A Merca” is a piece of a larger concentration that explores my experience as a Jamaican woman who immigrated to the United States at a young age. This work questions what it means to be an outsider returning home. I channel this idea by highlighting Jamaican tour guide company’s use of popular African Safari tour vehicles, plastered with non-native zebra print. Here, the zebra becomes synonymous with both a literal and metaphoric concept of - the foreigner. “She Gaan A Merca” speaks to my continual journey of exploring an identity for myself as a Jamerican.

OKEO-TEX certified 80% recycled cotton / 20% polyester yarn

50”x 60”